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I was chatting with my sister Sierra on the couch last week after Sabbath – we had just finished a movie – and we got on the topic of how complicated dating is. And that is when it hit me – a hilarious idea for a video about THE easyDATE (see finished product below).

Ah! - it's THE easyDATE

There is a lot to be frustrated about in life – that is, IF you are anything like me and are a perpetual ‘fixer’ for things, even when they are out of your control. But for a topic that falls within your control, dating has always bewildered me. Why does dating have to be complicated? Well I’m here to tell you it doesn’t – you just have to know about THE easyDATE!

All the complications stem from one word – expectations. For some reason, as I grew up, I learned what dating was – and it was this relationship where a boy and a girl wrote notes to each other (ahh … remember those simpler days?). As I grew older, I learned that dating meant that you (or the respective young lady) was ‘claimed’ by someone else. Dating was a serious endeavor – girls and guys should NOT have multiple ‘claims’ – dating meant ‘exclusive’.

I learned later that dating used to have other definitions – and it used to not be so serious. Older folk look at our definition of dating and can’t figure it out – because they used to date everybody. For some reason, that sounds terrible … dating everybody (shew-eee!) … but it’s because we have a different premise. So rather than fight the battle to redefine the term, which is next to impossible (I’ve tried for years), the next best thing is to create a new term – and rediscover the fun times our graying brethren enjoyed of just getting to know the opposite sex – that is THE easyDATE.

Even though I am energetically ridiculous in this video – it is to highlight the fact we sometimes are the same way in life – ridiculous. Sit back, learn, and enjoy 1:59 of what I like to call “pure ridiculousness with a purpose”.

If you enjoy – please share with friends – help spread the word – and most importantly – go on one.

THE easyDATE. (Boom shakalaka)


Frustrated with dating in general? have you kissed Joshua Harris* goodbye? Too much stress, too much drama?

Introducing THE easyDATE – a new way to shed the weight of stressing out on standard dates. Drop those ideas of longterm commitment at the door …make it THE easyDATE (BAM)

Imagine a get-together with friends, where you be yourself, chill, do an activity, grab a bite, go somewhere, sit at church – all with someone of the opposite sex you asked to go with you … that is THE easyDATE (that was EASY!)

It is not a date, it is not hanging out, it is different – its something in the middle. It is THE easyDATE.  (Skadoosh!)

Dating has certain words associated with it … complicated … long term … gotta look cute … gotta be buff … gotta have your game on … showey … STOP YOUR WHINING, leave all those words behind and go on THE easyDATE. (hoo RAH!)

Mr. T is frustrated, Mr. T is angry. I pitty the foo that goes on dates anymore. Dates are complicated, dates are ridiculous. Keep it simple stupid – thats what I do. You’ll be saying to yourself, “Wow that was a good time!” – yeah it was, because that was THE easyDATE. ([karate chop])

THE easyDATE – it’s whats for dinner. [bite]

“Emmm, this food is good!” Yeah it is, becuase you are not psychoanalyzing your bowl of alphabet soup trying to make your friend’s name appear in said food. “I think she is the one.” NOOOO! STOP COMPLICATING IT

THE easyDATE is an ancient concept hidden from young people worldwide in the past 30 years … but it has officially been rediscovered. To go on one, both of you MUST know about it – otherwise complications WILL arise. Forget Captain Planet, with your powers combined, you can find THE easyDATE.

See if you can spread the word … THE easyDATE is in the house … GO ON ONE.

Credits – Copyright 2010 Jason-David Nitzberg,
Staples”, “Easy Button” and “That was easy” are registered trademarks and service marks of Staples, Inc and have no affiliation with Jason Nitzberg other than being a nice store to get “Easy Button”s, office supplies, and the latest technology from – especially when I find myself on THE easyDATE. Ah, nothing like pen shopping with a fellow, albeit feminine, geek.

[nice and calm]
THE easyDATE. (Boom shakalaka)

*Note about Joshua Harris: effectively, THE easyDATE is a slightly different spin to what Mr. Harris purports. I just had too much fun bringing his name into this … and it gave me an excuse to make a big smacking kiss sound. Such fun.

7 responses to “THE easyDATE video

  1. You “boom-rock-alaka” Mr. Jason. Too funny!! 🙂

  2. We want more videos!!!!!! Love it!

  3. That’s hilarious. Have you ever thought about doing a running gag series on this, make into into a mock infomercial? Is there a product you’re selling for people to find dates :-p?

  4. Jason. You are amazing. You should have women flooding your phone in the next few days.

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  6. This was hilarious. Have you considered making a tag that tags to all your posts with videos? Thanks for the laugh.

    • Good suggestion Sonya. When I started the blog and video making, my thought process was I was just trying to have a body of work that represented me, Jason Nitzberg. My inspiration was another young man that I enjoyed his earlier videos, by the name of Julian Smith.

      There are several ideas I have been cooking that represented more of a ‘branded’ approach that a tag would be appropriate for. Thanks for watching and enjoying!

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