What to call the first decade? (and my ‘Golden Voice’)

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SpaceBalls helped me find my Golden Voice - and remind myself of the best name for the 1st decade in 2000

You have surely heard of the golden voice homeless guy. While thinking about him and working on my own Golden Voice, I remember that I solved the puzzle of what to call the first decade of 2000 (’00-’09) a few years ago and wanted to share. (Though amusing, I don’t agree with the BBC’s ‘noughties‘ nomenclature for the first decade.)

You have surely heard how radio announcers say on the classic station ‘the best hits of the 80’s, 90’s and today’ – but now that we are officially in the second decade, ie the ‘teens’ of the century – you can not just use ‘today’ for the name of the first century. What do we call that first decade? The zero’s … the oh’s? Those don’t have the ring they need.

If you have been connected to the news in the past couple of weeks, you have heard about the ‘homeless guy with the golden voice’ (video below). I was working on my own Golden Voice, and think I found it the other morning – albeit through a rather strange tale of stream of conscienceness. But first, if you haven’t seen the video – please peruse. It is the definition of viralness.

If you are still reading, and the video didn’t distract you to read more on Ted Williams, then you still want to know what I think the name of the first decade ought to be, for all those announcers like Ted:

My name of the decade is the ToTC’s, pronounced ‘totsies’. It stands for Turn Of The Century.

This has the right ring to it – all I need is a reputable news organization to pick up on it. So now, the radio guys from LA to New York can say “This is Magic 98.7, home of the best hits from the 90’s, Totsies, and today.” All it takes is a key node to use it, and it will be universally adopted – it’s got the makings of a great term.

Okay – so what about my Golden Voice? Well – I was thinking about Ted while driving to work last week and trying to find what my Golden Voice would sound like. I knew I had a strange voice used in the middle of THE easyDATE video, but I thought it was not natural enough. I was just naming off all the stores and restaurants along the road with different voices, when a big 18 wheeler truck with the brand name Landstar got in front of me. Landstar, for whatever reason, reminded me of the movie SpaceBalls, where the main character’s name was ‘Lonestar’. Well, the way they said it in the movie was with a deep, commanding voice … and that was the key, I think, that unlocked my Golden Voice. I need a lot more training – and I may do a voice over or two to test if my guess is right … but hopefully I found my own Golden Voice.

[Said in my Lonestar voice, and the em-pha-sis of an announcer] “Remember, tomorrow morning is when we are giving away tickets to see ‘this man’ in concert.”


One response to “What to call the first decade? (and my ‘Golden Voice’)

  1. Though the story of Mr. Williams and his voice is amazing, what is tragic is that such a gift (that “golden voice”) has been sacrificed because of Ted Williams’ inability to wrestle with his alcoholism. There’s a sad and poignant story about the power of addiction in there. The totsies is a good name for the last decade, though.

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