Video: Cat Classics – Classic Movies Starring Your Favorite Cats

Ben-Pur TitleBEN-PUR – An Epic Catlap of Feline Strength. One of the amazing films found on Cat Classics

It started rather subtly – a suggestion at lunch of a ridiculous product idea about recreating movies with pun-ny feline titles and fur-ball characters.  It was soon forgotten over plates of food. Later that night, however, four guys decided to re-write the way movies were made: and Cat Classics was born. See below for the video infomercial and hit the subscribe button to see more such products coming soon. [I’m grinning, but serious!]

Sit back and enjoy what four grown men can do when the creative juices start flowing. (And feel free to share since I am no longer on facebook)

It was a ‘girls weekend’, and all us men were visiting our friends/wives (that happened to be excellent cooks) for lunch. We were then shoo’d away since the women folk wanted to talk ‘women stuff’ – and we dutifully went to do the ‘men thing’ – which meant we had no idea what we were going to do. We found ourselves on the other side of town at one of our quartet’s parents’ house since they were out of town. So there we were, sitting in the living room discussing about what should we do.

“So, how about going to the City Museum?” I ask the group, hopeful. [note: think McDonald’s PlayPlace, times ten, for adults]

“Nah, that is way downtown – it will take us forever,” Stephen responds.

“Hey – Jason, you brought your camera, right?” Taylor asks. I nod my head with a slight smirk.

A light goes on in Brandon’s head and a little sparkle in his eye after Taylor’s question. “What if we made a video of some sort guys? How about a scary movie outside in the dark as we are being chased, you know Blair Witch style?” he asks.

“I’m not down with a scary one…”, I respond after a thought, “but, what if we did something with like selling something – or maybe a drama?”

“What would it be about?” Stephen asks the group as his mind is churning. “We could likely do a food commercial … or maybe a story about a boy left alone in a giant house.”

“What if we did an infomercial?” piped up Taylor.

“About that crazy cat idea maybe?” I suggest. A quick look around the room at the all the guys’ grins was all that was needed to confirm we had just found our amusement for the night.

Since that time, I had a Google Alert setup to let me know of interesting Cat Viral Video trends – and it is rather amusing after months of following it, that we may have found our calling – our group of four guys may have actually been ahead of the curve on this one. We may have found the future of ALL advertising. If you haven’t already seen these, watch below for a taste of the trend in where the future of Marketing is heading.



Cat videos and videos about cats are just good. If you were wondering why eHarmony subscribers get a 20% discount off Cat Classics, hopefully this video of one such subscriber would help explain how much more the world is in need of more cat-related material.

And since I am going all cat-viral on us – here is one last super-precious, amazing cute video of a Momma cat with her baby sleeping. It is too cute to pass up.

The future is not apes, my friend … its cats. Share one today!

… and let me know any other good Cat Classic movie titles we should do for Volume II in the comments below. Do not forget to ‘subscribe’ for future blog posts and videos.


2 responses to “Video: Cat Classics – Classic Movies Starring Your Favorite Cats

  1. Mom thinks you may have gone over the cat-deep-end.

    I think you’ve obviously hit upon the next big thing!

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