MiniPost: To The Future Mrs. Nitzberg: “Watch Out!”

So I have finally come around to the realization that I just don’t have enough time to put my whole heart and soul into a blog post, but I have all these great mini-thoughts that I would like to share – so I am introducing a much more frequent MiniPost – and today’s is about awesome engagement stories.

I love hearing my friends’ and co-workers’ engagement stories. I was visiting some friends recently and in their kitchen they have a picture frame that has the actual ‘moment’ my friend Mike asked his bride-to-be Laura if she would marry him. Then right next to that picture is the moment recreated on their wedding day, same spot, same pose, with both of them in their beautiful wedding outfits. The next addition, so I am told, is apparently on one of their future anniversaries to recreate it yet again, now with their wonderful daughter Kelsey. Good stuff!

What started this thought was a video that brought a tear to my eye after watching the following video – one that really takes ‘popping the question’ to a whole new level of antics, stage presence, and creativity. Enter the Live Lip-Dub Proposal courtesy of Isaac Lamb and Amy Frankel – the new engaged couple:

It was incredibly sweet and understandably going viral – and his friends were incredibly good to the couple. I found it thanks to my sister Sierra and the folks over at Tecca who called it possibly the most “Epic Wedding Proposal” ever. Whatever it is, boy do I love those Dancing Jews!

So all I have to say to the future Mrs. Nitzberg is “Watch out!” – because I know with my intensity and energy for how much I will love you, whoever and where ever you are, I am likely to do something crazy like these folks. I look forward to the day …


3 responses to “MiniPost: To The Future Mrs. Nitzberg: “Watch Out!”

  1. That’s a good warning. Hopefully you use the time to think of something very romantic and memorable :).

  2. When that day happens… you better record it to share with us. I loved the video, how special. Thanks Jason for sharing.

  3. I will ‘redeem the time’ Nathan – no worries, and thanks for the encouragement.

    Trish – you bet I will record it. If she is anything like me, she’ll be mad at me if I didn’t.

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