Sabbath MiniPost: “Finding Your Passion”

Ozone Falls in Middle Tennessee

“You need to find what you love doing, and then make a career out of it.” – I have a strong sense that this advice is the advice that so many in their 20’s and 30’s received growing up, just like I did. I have also heard it summarized as, “You need to find your passion.”

After years of searching, I think I found my passion, but when I heard a minister a few Sabbath’s ago say, “You should not be ruled by your passion,” I was rather perplexed. “What did he mean?” I thought to myself. Could it be that by finding what makes me excited – like presenting ideas or working out puzzles or writing or being creative – was that wrong?

This has been my research topic for my bible study the latter part of this week – and I wanted to share one verse that I have found helpful in explaining at least where my minister friend was coming from. Galatians, chapter 5 seems to highlight this topic, and in verse 24 it says the following, “and those who are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires …”

There seems to be a difference between the passion I was thinking of regarding my life, my hobbies, and my career, and this thing called passion that the Apostle Paul is talking about that has something to do with ‘the flesh’. Usually when I read about ‘the flesh’ in the bible, I interpret that as how our human nature tends to listen to the radio waves of Satan and pulls us toward this selfish “I want” train of thought. It’s a nasty, smoke riddled locomotive of unhappiness.

So may I suggest a reading of Galatians 5 this Sabbath – an interesting place to think about our passions and look at our lives.

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