The “Coolest Job On Earth” and a Video

See below for the video explanation of my latest ‘toy’ in my own office.

Watch out Cincinnati, here I come! I am very excited to formally share that I have accepted my new job as Business Development Manager starting in July. I am very sorry to say goodbye to my good friends at Eaton Corporation, but I have looked for the next step in my career and life now for a couple of years – so this works out really nicely. On describing the name of the new company, which just happens to be “Coolest Toys on Earth”, one of my work associates in Asheville said, “Jason, that sounds like it may be the Coolest Job on Earth.” I think my friend Eddie may be on to something.

“So what will you be doing?” is the question I get asked a lot. Well, I can tell you project #1 is transferring their awesome local reputation to the national stage through the web. You talk to practically any local in the eastern Cincinnati area that has lived there for a few years, and they will have heard of and absolutely love visiting Coolest Toys on Earth. And so a lot of focus will be on the next-generation website and marketing campaigns – and that is where I could use some help from you. I made a prototype video, and I need your feedback of what your impressions were – can you help? Watch below …

I am really looking for feedback as to what you thought of the whole thing. I want to know impression of me, of the product, of the set, of the directing, of the description, of the science, of the … you know, anything. This was me playing around one night a few months back when I was just beginning to be recruited by Coolest Toys … I was going to make the video anyway just for fun. Who knew it would lead to an avenue for my career.

I do play it up a bit (because I do get the opportunity with video to do ‘retakes’), but I do not try to ‘act’ too much. Recently reading about one of my childhood hero’s, Mr. Rogers, I learned his philosophy was that the hosts of television for children should not act – it should be the same ‘you’ in person as is recorded on camera. If you have ever seen me with preteens or a new gadget, that is pretty much me … but could this reach an older audience, say of young mothers with young children or the IT professional in his cubicle manning a server farm?

If you are astute to all the crazy things in my office, you will notice that it was my real office – I filmed it after work one day with my great new lab coat. Every scientist (and engineer for that matter) should have a lab coat and a bowtie – they really tie any outfit together.

BTW – For all those video geeks out there, yes, this was all recorded with my handy-dandy iPhone 4S and a suction cup mount and a phone spring clip so that I did not need to take the phone out of my case (as you do when you use my Glif). The video was edited with iMovie on the iPhone itself, and yes even posted to YouTube through the iPhone. The workflow did not involve a ‘computer’ – a very interesting way to quickly shoot, edit, and post video. Since recording this, I have purchased a few other pieces of small equipment to enable getting better audio … one of my big technical critiques of this video. Changing audio levels in post only goes so far.

Thanks for your comments – and please signup for email alerts when I post new things on the side bar. And feel free to share if it is share-worthy …

10 responses to “The “Coolest Job On Earth” and a Video

  1. The video said “private”. I tried to watch it on youtube and that told me to sign in. Congrats on your new job. I know what ever you do, you will be awesome at it.

    Where by chance are you going to the Feast?

  2. Thanks Trish for the heads up. I fixed it – so now you can see the video. My apologies to anyone else with that problem.

    And regarding the feast, I just reserved an ocean side house at Jekyll Island for the family and I. It will be another very peaceful and nice Feast of Tabernacles this fall – spending time with God’s family on this beautiful island.

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  5. It will be nice to have you back in Cinci. 🙂

  6. Thanks Laurel – I am looking forward to being back.

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