Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Joy

For this magazine shoot, the photographer really captured the ‘joy’ of my friend JoAnne

With my recent move scheduled, both career-wise and location-wise, my friend JoAnne sent me a nice little card encouraging me and to keep in touch. But at the end of it, near her signature in her curly lady-like cursive, she wrote her favorite quote that I have heard her say multiple times: “Don’t let anyone steal your joy.”

She is a business woman, and a sharp one at that. She was the CEO of a company that was purchased by a larger company (even got the CEO of the Month Award pictured), but then wanted to move on. There were hiccups along the way, of course, and plenty of issues that could get a person down-and-out. Her fight song, though, was to never let anyone take that fun part of you. And boy, is she a fun person to hang with.

There are times and situations that make us want to scream. Those of you that are chill about it all – I envy you. I take things so personally because everything I do, I take ownership of. There is a wonderful balance when you find the right way to position ‘pride in what you do’ and not allowing ‘other things to rule your life‘.

My friend JoAnne has the first key to this balance – don’t let anyone steal your joy.


3 responses to “Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Joy

  1. That’s a really good letter there; I hope you treasure it. I agree with you that I tend to take things personally because I take ownership of everything I do and say and write, and therefore attacks on it are attacks on me. That said, I think it is best to be relaxed about those things you have no control over, and simply do the best you can without believing that you have control over everything.

  2. Nice post Jason… you will be missed here…

  3. Nathan – as some say, “I feel you bro” … Joanne’s advice is good stuff.

    DJ – I have many cool memories of working with your team, and I am still glad Joanne was able to keep you. Have fun with your latest top-secret project that I must now forget about … and I still think your lab is a nice hangout area.

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