SabbathPost: Cover Me, I’m Going In

Are we not super heroes able to handle anything that comes our way?

“Cover Me, I’m Going In” – Why do we need to say this? Aren’t we self-sufficient enough by ourselves – maybe even Spiderman-ish enough with our spider-sense to be able to fight off any enemy that comes our way?

Humans have ‘a back’; i.e. our eyes are positioned to the front of our body and our neck does not allow us to turn our head completely around. Therefore, we as humans were designed and built specifically for partners to ‘cover our back’ … our blind spots, our weaknesses. This could be your spouse, best friend, fellow soldier, family member, whoever that can cover you when you are ‘going in’. The wisest man ever to live, Solomon of Israel, even talked about the power in allowing someone to cover you when he said in Ecclesiastes 4:12 “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”
But the other reason we need to be covered is the simple fact that more work can be done together. One horse alone can pull 2,500 pounds. Two horses together can pull 12,500 pounds. God built humans with a back and front not just as a defensive move, but frankly as an offensive position. Two can defend themselves, cover each other’s back – but they can also get a lot more work done together.
Who has got your back this Sabbath day?
I could see a loner-type of personality saying in a smug, matter-of-fact way, “Well I have Jesus Christ covering my back today,” and that person would be exactly right. However, what if Jesus is offering to covering your back and help you through someone in your life. Are you going to be the person whose neighborhood flooded, and from sitting on the roof shoo’ed away all the boats that came by to try to save them only because they thought God was going to send them a helicopter?

One response to “SabbathPost: Cover Me, I’m Going In

  1. The Bible says quite clearly that it is not good that man should be alone and that if one falls, who will help him up, but if two are together one can help the other, and that a threeford cord is not quickly broken. As human beings we were created to be in relationships, and also created to have some role in a larger body so that we are not entirely self-sufficient. This has major implications, obviously.

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