Oops – Didn’t Make Time For That

At least I stayed true to the title, right?

As I have been purging and cleaning my house and work-space preparing for the move, I found it funny I found the following book that I never found time to read: “Time Management for Dummies”. Oops.

How many books do you have that you were going to read? How is that exercise equipment you bought doing? Hey – I am as guilty as you are, my friend: I originally bought the Nintendo Wii because I thought I would use the Wii Fit and the Wii Sports boxing as an exercise routine.

Well, they were nice thoughts at least.

It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes said by one of my minister friends at my graduation from the Ambassador Bible Center that I attended: “You make time for what is important to you.”

I thought that was a good quote at the time – but didn’t really understand the true depth of that saying. I still do not think I got it completely yet … but I am on my way. That saying was one of the big factors for the move in the first place.


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