A Meeting That Changed Me

One of my best friends Corbin when we first met … the angle makes him look angry, but I assure you, he is not.

Years ago, I went to help out at my first church related summer camp. I met this crazy guy there – he was insanely silly like me, had a huge heart, but was a few years younger than I. And he knew how to swing dance. My campers apparently did too – but I was the counselor with the two left feet. Yikes.

As I am cleaning up my apartment for my move up to Cincinnati and trying my hardest to purge the many, many things I have collected and saved over the years, I am finding all kinds of cool things. This picture caught my attention because it was taken on a film camera (remember those days?) and it was stuck between a bunch of old papers. It captured a moment with a guy that later became one of my best friends – and it was just hanging out in an old box, in the very back of my junk-closet. After this meeting, Corbin and I ended up deciding that we ought to become roommates when we both decided to attend the Ambassador Bible Center the next year. There are many stories that occurred during that epic eight month program, but needless to say we became good pals. We probably know too much about each other.

I am glad I have multiple friends that know too much about me – because that keeps me grounded. I have this terrible tendency to get all ‘highfalutin’ about myself – and then one of these people pops my balloon to bring me back down. Today I am super thankful for all my friends and family that help me to follow the straight and narrow, keep me excited, but gently correct a passionate guy.

It was a meeting that changed me. For the better.


2 responses to “A Meeting That Changed Me

  1. I love the picture :-). You are both wild and crazy and we love that about you both.

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