Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben Was Right

Made from a wrist watch and radioactive spider juice, Peter Parker ‘responsibly’ figures out how to make a web shooter.

Mechanized web-shooters have returned in the new Amazing Spider-Man movie, and tells us fans, without saying it directly multiple times, that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Uncle Ben, as seen in his very in-depth Wikipedia article, is usually the character that this line is attributed to. But this proverb struck a chord again with me as we lead into the July 4th national holiday and the end of my first day at my new job.

The Amazing Spider-Man was a good movie tonight to see with my friend Clint – especially since it commemorated accidentally meeting him 10 years ago at the première of Spider-Man 2. Clint and I enjoyed it immensely – we even ogled over the font that the credits were done in. The director, Marc Webb, does a great service to the Spider-Man franchise with his reboot (fancy word for retelling) of the origins of my favorite neighborhood superhero.

The superhero’s of yesteryear, the men who signed the Declaration of Independence, were folk that took their responsibility very serious as leading families of the day. Most believed it was their moral obligation to bring life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to the people of what would become the United States of America. I am very glad that these men were able to stand up for those ideals.

And it is with those ideals in mind, and the carrying on of the torch of responsibility, that I feel a little overwhelmed that my new employer has given me such lee-way in growing this business. Toys are fun, no doubt, and they are great to play with, of course, but the question becomes – do I have what it takes to use whatever power I have been given?

God willing, and to His credit, I believe I do.

Puzzle of the day is this: Do you?

4 responses to “Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben Was Right

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  2. i wish i was spider man and shoot webs

  3. i wish i was been bitten by those spiders so i could be spider man and i have the abbility to climb things

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