Video: A Peak Inside Coolest Toys On Earth

Store front

With all the wind-spinners, it is hard to miss the store – but it is no wonder that people mistake it as ‘just’ a kite store. If they only knew …

So I have an interesting puzzle to solve: how do I get the ‘uninitiated’ to actually take the first step into the toy store that I work at? Almost everyone locally knows where it is. Thousands of people have driven by it. But most people think it is just a kite store. What if we tickled their curiosity with an epically fun peak inside? And what if those that have fallen in love with the store actually shared this video with all of their friends and family around Thanksgiving dinner? Watch below!

I believe once you walk through those doors, the rest will take care of itself.

One visit and either you will love it and be back for more or you’ll get all claustrophobic on us because of how tightly packed the store’s shelves, walls, and ceiling are of cool toys. But if the latter happens, I could see you sending your son to do the shopping. And once there, we will help him match personalities with kick-butt gifts.

Humor. Character. Awesomeness. Sophistication. Fun.

All these words describe a visit to Coolest Toys on Earth’s store … but watching a video of it is only the appetizer. Feeling the warmth from the 5ft lava lamp, smelling the white vapor from the smoke-ring gun, touching the wood grain from the handcrafted puzzles, and tasting the soda-flavored-mustache-lollipop all encompass the main course. And yet, there is so much more …

We think you’ll enjoy watching, and we will definitely be seeing you soon.

Video Playback Tip: Before you hit play, click the box with four corners in the lower right of the video to make it full screen. Enjoy!

By the way, I would love to know what your favorite part is … and please, share this with your friends on Facebook and email. You can use the share button above.

Movie Trailer Script:

A Studio Cool Production

Finally Bored With The Status Quo
One Man Enters A World That He Has Driven By Countless Times
To Behold Undiscovered Treasures And Really Cool Toys
A Step Inside Is One Of Courage, Curiosity, and Awesomeness
“Addictive” -Dr. Phil
“I Am Rethinking Chocolate” -Willy Wonka
Official Selection – Popsicle League Film Festival
Audience Choice Award – Cincinnati Whirligig Alliance

Coolest Toys On Earth

314 Main Street, Milford, OH
It’s Time To Finally Visit
Director of Photography: Mustache Lollipops
Casting By: Shannon “Perplexus” Wayne
Costume Designer: Jack-In-The-Box
Executive Producer: Elliot Werner
Written By: Mrs. Potato Head
Directed By: JD Nitzberg

Equipment: iPhone 4S, Dry-Lin Slider Dolly, Screwdown 1/4″ Rotating Head Adapter, Mic Stand, Mic to 1/4 Ball-Joint Adapter, Smart Phone 1/4″ Clip, iMovie iPhone Edition, the Coolest Toys on Earth, and Hutzpah.

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