Celebrating the New CoolestToys.com

flower bouquet

A perfect way to celebrate a big accomplishment at work was partake of this awesome fruit bouquet. Pineapple flower anyone? Sweetness … literally.

I am pretty pumped about finally launching the new website I have worked on since I started my new job last summer. Eight months later, I can say, we have reached a major milestone – through all the craziness that it is to redesign and manage a reboot of Coolest Toys on Earth’s visual identity, we have a new look and feel for cool toys! A chocolate covered strawberry was perfect to enjoy this moment.

Part of what I am really excited about is some of the really cool videos that are part of the new website, like this one showing a really cool toy called the Electric Button Machine – it literally makes anything that conducts electricity into a button as if you were typing keys on your computer’s keyboard. I made a pepper piano on my desk!

Then there is the crazy descriptions and uses that some of the toys get – like the best fake dog crap that my boss, the owner Elliot, found out of Texas. Who knew that hand-extruded fake dog poo could be this entertaining … ha!

But what really does well is our designer cornhole bags – there are so many designs and sports teams to choose from! I mean, when was the last night you had pirate cornhole bags vs. John Deere cornhole bags? Hilarious – and sweet for pubs, parties and Pittsburgh!

There were so many puzzles that were solved to get to this point – I spent months inside of spreadsheets transferring and updating data and how to do that efficiently and correctly. There were figuring out how to make the movies pop-out of the page like this one for one of our awesome Stirling Engines. There were videos edited … and then there were toys played with.

If you are at all interested in seeing more in the future about CoolestToys.com – then you should subscribe to Coolest Toy’s email updates at the bottom of the webpage. We are just getting started – more toys are added every month to the website to eventually match all 4000+ toys found at the Cincinnati store.

2 responses to “Celebrating the New CoolestToys.com

  1. Looks like you had too much fun making that video. 😛

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