Dear David and Scooter Luggage Video

Micro Airpot Shoot 125

At work, we got an email from David, asking about the Coolest Toys On Earth showroom on the outskirts of Cincinnati, OH. He asked the following:

“We are coming to your location soon. I would like some info on the area. Like good restaurants and other things to see in your area while we are there. Coming in from Akron, Ohio. Any help would be of great help. Thank you. David Jones”

When I responded, however, my email bounced. Argh! So, wherever you are David, here is my solution to this puzzle: post my reply to the interwebs hoping that eventually you will google (i.e. vanity search) your name, and find it. Here was my response that I tried to send your way:

Good morning to you David! We’d be happy to give you a few pointers and recommendations [about the Milford and Cincinnati area].

Our toy store is definitely an attraction: we get people from Indiana, all over Ohio, and Kentucky to come in, especially during December – we’ve even hired bouncers in years past because we get so packed. Here is a teaser video:

One of the coolest toys we just got in is Scooter Luggage 2.0 (a must see video). It’s carry-on luggage that fits fine in the overhead bins, that folds out into a scooter for the terminal. It is super cool!

When it comes to food, one of Cincinnati’s favorite breakfast places is called First Watch – they have lots of locations throughout Cincy. Here in Milford, you can try some of what a few of my friends call ‘the best Donuts and pastries in the world’ at Ms Cheri’s Donuts (review and contact info on Yelp).
For lunch, we have so many pizza places, it’s a little overwhelming. Probably my favorite is Padrino, here in Milford, owned by Hunter Thomas – they specialize in thin crust pizza with some really awesome toppings (Nick the Greek and Fajita are two that are fun and tasty). They have a parent restaurant called 20brix located one building down, that is a ‘wine bar meets gourmet restaurant’ that looks and feels upscale, but their pricing is quite reasonable.
Another place I can recommend, if you are into a little exotic like Indian, is Kadai Indian Grill – their owner Annan (people call him Ray) will roll out the red carpet and tell you all about his signature dish: Biryani, which is the most flavorful dish I have ever had in any culture. (review and contact info on Urban Spoon)
Other places to try out would be whatever is playing at the Aronoff Theatre downtown (I just saw the Cincy Ballet do Peter Pan – which was quite good) and Newport on the Levee, where restaurants, movies, a dance club, and the Aquarium all sit.
Hope that helps – we’ll be looking out for you at the showroom in Milford. -Jason

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