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How I Know My Wife Married the “Wrong” Person

I am trying to get beyond what I beginning to believe has been a lie of finding this thing called a ‘soul mate’ – and maybe this reblog by Tyler McKenzie shows where I am currently. In other words, is there a difference between ‘God-blessed’ vs ‘match-made-in-heaven’. Where are you in your own thinking?

What Nike and Unleavened Bread Have in Common: Just Do It.

Jason Peaking Over A Batch of Beautiful Cottage Cheese Crescents

This beautiful batch of Cottage Cheese Crescents are specifically for my friends who will be observing the Days of Unleavened Bread … with a few for the chef’s tummy too!

I spent last night talking with my sister and preparing and baking lots and lots of ‘Triple C’, a.k.a. Cottage Cheese Crescents – which is an unleavened bread for the upcoming holy day season. One of my friend’s speeches this past weekend was right in saying the only way to become the person you want to be is to actually just do it. If you want to be a writer, write. If you want to learn to throw a frisbee, practice. If you want to be compassionate, find ways to do it. Eyes open. Hand to the plow.

Nike was spot on.

My Mom’s recipe for unleavened bread in the video below is kick-butt good. I have

I Am In Love With Love, and Therefore Dangerous

Joshua Harris's Book is Being Kissed by Jason - Kinda Strange Actually

I kissed my copy of Joshua Harris’s book goodbye before returning it to the library. I Kissed Dating Goodbye turned out to be a succinct book of thoughts that I have had.

I was chatting with my friend Debbie, who is one of these red-headed tell-you-what-is-on-her-mind kind of people whether you want to hear it or not. I asked her what she thought about some of the ideas behind Joshua Harris’s book I Kissed Dating Goodbye and happened to mention, “I am not sure why I never read it back when it came out years ago.” She turns to me with that sparkle in her eye, and says “Well Jason, that was probably because you were not as desperate as you are today.”

Whoa – ouch!

Remember, jokes aren’t funny unless they have a little bit of truth to them. I did laugh at her comment and my situation. I remembered the quote “Those that can laugh at themselves will frequently be amused.” I was amused enough to share it.

It is very true: I am a bachelor. Thanks to just how life turned out Continue reading

Facebook Jail Again?!

Stuck in Facebook Jail – Where you can’t add any friends because of ‘bad behavior’ …

This is the fifth time I find myself in Facebook Jail. The first three times, I can understand just a little why Facebook threw a couple of red flags when I added people too rapidly. They thought I was a spamming psychopath with a cute profile picture – there are plenty of them out there. But I really do know a lot of people. I had 997 friends last year when I said ‘see ya‘ to the off-centered ‘f’ logo. But now I am locked out of adding any more friends for 12 more days …

So I knew Facebook didn’t like me after getting the warning “You are using the People You May Know in a way that it was not intended to be used” when I rejoined Facebook in July. That message was what I got after over-exerting my left mouse button from all the ‘Add Friend’ clicking I was doing to my hundreds of amigos. This kept up until finally Facebook sentenced me to 7 days of not being able to send a friend request. I guess I needed to cool my jets.

Then after my first jail term, being the bright engineer I am, I thought that rather than clicking on all these people I knew and misusing the ‘Friends You May Know’ app, I would just Continue reading

Sabbath Story: Where You End and God Begins

Hot air balloon taking off while four people watch

How much can we plan for and organize – and how much do we have to say, ‘God, you have it from here’ because I have no idea where you are taking me?

Once upon a time, there was a little boy engineer that wore glasses. He was a pretty smart little boy, able to figure out how things worked, was good at solving puzzles, and really liked to draw – but he had a problem with trust. One Friday afternoon, the little boy engineer asked his mommy whether she could make her super-amazing-scrumptious potpie for Sabbath dinner that night. She said she could … but only if daddy bought some vegetables from the store on his way home from work.

Since the little boy engineer absolutely loved his mommy’s super-amazing-scrumptious potpie, he thought and thought about what was the best way to talk to his daddy. He knew his daddy really liked mommy’s super-amazing-scrumptious potpie too, but that daddy sometimes forgot to go to the store on Fridays. So the little boy engineer wrote down his plan to make sure that daddy went to the store.

The plan was pretty detailed and the little boy engineer thought he had it all Continue reading

An Announcement is Not a Story

Typewriter with Wedding Rings

Are your communications just announcements or are you building up a relationship through stories? (Credit: Photographer

There is a such a huge difference between an announcement and a story – but too often people confuse the two. We can be much better communicators, things stick better in our memories and encourage us, if we tell stories rather than just announce things.

Let me give you an example.

A wedding announcement is usually a fun thing to get in the mail. It is usually printed on really nice paper, in a finely crafted envelope usually with colored ribbon or tissue paper, and sometimes even includes the picture of the engaged couple. The announcement will include information of when the wedding is and details about where it will be held. They are beautiful pieces of art that I have saved away the many I have received in my memory box. But for the most part, announcements are informational.

Now contrast the announcement with Continue reading

A Meeting That Changed Me

One of my best friends Corbin when we first met … the angle makes him look angry, but I assure you, he is not.

Years ago, I went to help out at my first church related summer camp. I met this crazy guy there – he was insanely silly like me, had a huge heart, but was a few years younger than I. And he knew how to swing dance. My campers apparently did too – but I was the counselor with the two left feet. Yikes.

As I am cleaning up my apartment for my move up to Cincinnati and trying my hardest to purge the many, many things I have collected and saved over the years, I am finding all kinds of cool things. This picture caught my attention because it was taken on a film camera (remember those days?) and it was stuck between a bunch of old papers. It captured a moment with a guy that later became one of my best friends – and it was just hanging out in an old box, in the very back of my junk-closet. After this meeting, Corbin and I ended up deciding that we ought to become roommates when we both decided to attend the Ambassador Bible Center the next year. There are many stories that occurred during that epic eight month program, but needless to say we became good pals. We probably know too much about each other.

I am glad I have multiple friends that know too much about me – because that keeps me grounded. I have this terrible tendency to get all ‘highfalutin’ about myself – and then one of these people pops my balloon to bring me back down. Today I am super thankful for all my friends and family that help me to follow the straight and narrow, keep me excited, but gently correct a passionate guy.

It was a meeting that changed me. For the better.

Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Joy

For this magazine shoot, the photographer really captured the ‘joy’ of my friend JoAnne

With my recent move scheduled, both career-wise and location-wise, my friend JoAnne sent me a nice little card encouraging me and to keep in touch. But at the end of it, near her signature in her curly lady-like cursive, she wrote her favorite quote that I have heard her say multiple times: “Don’t let anyone steal your joy.”

She is a business woman, and a sharp one at that. She was the CEO of a company that was purchased by a larger company (even got the CEO of the Month Award pictured), but then wanted to move on. There were hiccups along the way, of course, and plenty of issues that could get a person down-and-out. Her fight song, though, was to never let anyone take that fun part of you. And boy, is she a fun person to hang with.

There are times and situations that make us want to scream. Those of you that are chill about it all – I envy you. I take things so personally because everything I do, I take ownership of. There is a wonderful balance when you find the right way to position ‘pride in what you do’ and not allowing ‘other things to rule your life‘.

My friend JoAnne has the first key to this balance – don’t let anyone steal your joy.

Jason Quit Facebook

As my younger brother would say to facebook, "Deuces!"

I finally did it. I quit Facebook. I have successfully deleted my account, after my obligatory 14 days of account ‘deactivation’ where facebook patiently and silently waits for you, hidden in the tall grass, to come around to your senses and re-login. But, I never came to my senses. I never logged back in … and I have been fairly happy with my decision. I’d appreciate if you’d tell my friends what I have done … oh, but that might involve sharing it on the platform I just left … ironic maybe?

This was a big deal for me to leave facebook because Continue reading

Dedication to My Friend Ms. Applegate

My 88-year-old friend, Ms. Thelma Applegate, was a ‘tell ya how it is’ kind of woman. This was filmed just a month before she passed away in January. This video was created for her family since they had her celebration of life a couple of weekends ago – and they thought it would be nice to share.

I got to know Ms. Applegate when she moved Continue reading