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SabbathPost: Cover Me, I’m Going In

Are we not super heroes able to handle anything that comes our way?

“Cover Me, I’m Going In” – Why do we need to say this? Aren’t we self-sufficient enough by ourselves – maybe even Spiderman-ish enough with our spider-sense to be able to fight off any enemy that comes our way?

Humans have ‘a back’; i.e. our eyes are positioned to the front of our body and our neck does not allow us to turn our head completely around. Therefore, we as humans were designed and built specifically for partners to ‘cover our back’ … our blind spots, our weaknesses. This could be your spouse, best friend, fellow soldier, family member, whoever that can cover you when you are ‘going in’. The wisest man ever to live, Solomon of Israel, even talked about the power in allowing someone to cover you when he said in Ecclesiastes 4:12 “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”
But the other reason we need to be covered is the simple fact that more work can be done together. One horse alone can pull 2,500 pounds. Two horses together can pull 12,500 pounds. God built humans with a back and front not just as a defensive move, but frankly as an offensive position. Two can defend themselves, cover each other’s back – but they can also get a lot more work done together.
Who has got your back this Sabbath day?
I could see a loner-type of personality saying in a smug, matter-of-fact way, “Well I have Jesus Christ covering my back today,” and that person would be exactly right. However, what if Jesus is offering to covering your back and help you through someone in your life. Are you going to be the person whose neighborhood flooded, and from sitting on the roof shoo’ed away all the boats that came by to try to save them only because they thought God was going to send them a helicopter?

Sabbath Post: Throw Off Everything That Hinders

The sign that I drove by for years that I realized was extremely wise.

We have to reach a point when we will finally decide to do what needs to be done – but until then, we will hem and haw. There are plenty of excuses to be made.

There is an old, beat-up sign out by where I live attached to a local chiropractic office that says the following: “In order to change, we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.” It was this sign that after driving by it for years, made me realize one morning late last year that I needed to do something about my serious struggles I was having in regards to sin. I am with most people when it comes to change – I don’t like it. It is hard – but it was a puzzle that I had not been able to really crack … until recently. And even then, I am not so good at it.

I have a book, and in it it referenced the first verse in Hebrews chapter twelve of the bible. “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” My book called this ‘Running Light’, and tried to really focus on how, if we really want to live God’s way of life, we must ‘throw off’ or ‘get rid of’ or ‘chuck’ anything that hinders us. We must run light.

It was at this time that I realized that I needed to chuck Facebook. I about birthed a cow at the prospect (I was just about to cross the 1,000 friend mark), but I eventually came to. Facebook did not matter – what mattered was running light.

Then my book referenced another verse, Romans 13:14, where the bible says, “But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.” The flesh – the tendency of our bodies to love what is wrong, and hate what is right, in God’s eyes at least. So many things fall into the flesh – Galations 5 has a whole list – but they are contrasted with what a person that runs light has: the fruit of the spirit also found in Galations 5.

One of my friends that helps folk in Nigeria says the locals there have a phrase: “Life here is hard”. The phrase is true, but its main purpose is to give reason to why they fulfill the lusts of the flesh. Do we in America use that same thought process? I know I do … even though I have been called out by God, and given amazing riches of money, blessings, a good job, a great family, and forgiveness when I ask of God – I still have to run lightly. This Christian walk is one we have to take step by step and day by day.

May you decide this Sabbath day that it will be a day that is ran lightly!

MiniPost: Not Giving God the Credit for the New Job

For some reason, this upside down mushroom captures my feelings today.

I feel like a doo-fidgit. What was I thinking? I realized last night that in my last post about my new job, I didn’t even give God any credit. That was not just an oversight, that was downright stupid. Very Herod and Acts 12 of me …

So I can set the record straight with all of you, the glory must go to God whose hand was quite obvious in my transition. The doors opened just right, with everything coming together at a really good time, and He even blessed me by giving me favor in the eyes of my current employer and in my future employer.

Let me give you one example: the timing was excellent because it allowed my good friend and co-worker Austin, who has been part-time for the past year and half, to transition to his new full-time job while I am still here. Austin graduated in May, and was blessed to be hired as full time starting at Eaton June 1st. That just happened to be the day I got the official notification that I was offered the job in Cincinnati. So many times, especially in large corporations, the hand-off of responsibilities is done with a gap in between to allow time for the processes like HR to take place. Having overlap where questions can be asked and coaching can be done is so valuable – but so often skipped. In this case, God took care of us.

Thanks God for good friends, good co-workers, and for teaching us that You are involved in our life.

Sabbath MiniPost: “Finding Your Passion”

Ozone Falls in Middle Tennessee

“You need to find what you love doing, and then make a career out of it.” – I have a strong sense that this advice is the advice that so many in their 20’s and 30’s received growing up, just like I did. I have also heard it summarized as, “You need to find your passion.”

After years of searching, I think I found my passion, but when I heard a minister a few Sabbath’s ago say, “You should not be ruled by your passion,” I was rather perplexed. “What did he mean?” I thought to myself. Could it be that by finding what makes me excited – like presenting ideas or working out puzzles or writing or being creative – was that wrong? Continue reading

Dedication to My Friend Ms. Applegate

My 88-year-old friend, Ms. Thelma Applegate, was a ‘tell ya how it is’ kind of woman. This was filmed just a month before she passed away in January. This video was created for her family since they had her celebration of life a couple of weekends ago – and they thought it would be nice to share.

I got to know Ms. Applegate when she moved Continue reading

Now is the Time to Address the Elephant in the Room

King Kong sitting in a movie theatre snacking away on popcorn kernels as big as your head while you try to enjoy and focus on a movie with your date is a ridiculous example of “an elephant in the room.” However, rather than focus on macro issues such as King Kong or the global trend of giving God no credit for anything, this thought is really about our own personal elephants in life – the things that are awkward to bring up, address, or otherwise deal with.

[Personal Aside: I made the mistake the other day of Continue reading

Confirming Our Beliefs

I can tell you a million reasons why 'NOT' to go climbing ...

On the way to a very fun, scary, and exciting climb up one of the hills/ridges that are near the family stead, my sister Sierra was reading her Social Psychology textbook to me in the car. What she read made me stop and say, “Wow, I’ve seen that happen before at work, at church, at school, even in my family!”. Social Psychology is the study of how groups affect people, and how people affect groups.

Here is what she read – it was in the heading titled “Our Beliefs can Generate their own Confirmation; Do we get what we Expect from Others?” Continue reading