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How I Know My Wife Married the “Wrong” Person

I am trying to get beyond what I beginning to believe has been a lie of finding this thing called a ‘soul mate’ – and maybe this reblog by Tyler McKenzie shows where I am currently. In other words, is there a difference between ‘God-blessed’ vs ‘match-made-in-heaven’. Where are you in your own thinking?

Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben Was Right

Made from a wrist watch and radioactive spider juice, Peter Parker ‘responsibly’ figures out how to make a web shooter.

Mechanized web-shooters have returned in the new Amazing Spider-Man movie, and tells us fans, without saying it directly multiple times, that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Uncle Ben, as seen in his very in-depth Wikipedia article, is usually the character that this line is attributed to. But this proverb struck a chord again with me as we lead into the July 4th national holiday and the end of my first day at my new job.

The Amazing Spider-Man was a good movie tonight to see with my friend Clint – especially since Continue reading

Now is the Time to Address the Elephant in the Room

King Kong sitting in a movie theatre snacking away on popcorn kernels as big as your head while you try to enjoy and focus on a movie with your date is a ridiculous example of “an elephant in the room.” However, rather than focus on macro issues such as King Kong or the global trend of giving God no credit for anything, this thought is really about our own personal elephants in life – the things that are awkward to bring up, address, or otherwise deal with.

[Personal Aside: I made the mistake the other day of Continue reading

What to call the first decade? (and my ‘Golden Voice’)

Cover of "Robin Hood - Men in Tights / Sp...

SpaceBalls helped me find my Golden Voice - and remind myself of the best name for the 1st decade in 2000

You have surely heard of the golden voice homeless guy. While thinking about him and working on my own Golden Voice, I remember that I solved the puzzle of what to call the first decade of 2000 (’00-’09) a few years ago and wanted to share. (Though amusing, I don’t agree with the BBC’s ‘noughties‘ nomenclature for the first decade.)

You have surely heard how radio announcers say on the classic station ‘the best hits of the 80’s, 90’s and today’ – but now that we are officially in the second decade, ie the ‘teens’ of the century – you can not just use ‘today’ for the name of the first century. What do we call that first decade? The zero’s … the oh’s? Those don’t have the ring they need. Continue reading

The Stages of Grief

Whenever I deal with grief, I usually do not even recognize it for what it is, probably because I have some strange concept that “big boys don’t cry”. Rather, I just feel the roller coaster of emotions and ask myself “What is wrong with me?” I find it helpful sometimes, though, to put a name to those emotions. Some scholars call these feelings the ‘stages of grief’. Below is such a list.

If your life has a religious component to it, then I urge you to turn to your inspired book or teachings for help through times of grief. For me, it’s the bible, with old and new testaments comforting those people who have experienced events that are mind-boggling. If you believe your book is the very word of God, that it does contain the Way of Life, then if your nose is not in said book, you are not being honest with yourself. It’s time to study it.

In addition to the book, maybe a read through the Stages of Grief, Continue reading

THE easyDATE video

I was chatting with my sister Sierra on the couch last week after Sabbath – we had just finished a movie – and we got on the topic of how complicated dating is. And that is when it hit me – a hilarious idea for a video about THE easyDATE (see finished product below).

Ah! - it's THE easyDATE

There is a lot to be frustrated about in life – that is, IF you are anything like me and are a perpetual ‘fixer’ for things, even when they are out of your control. But for a topic that falls within your control, dating has always bewildered me. Why does dating have to be complicated? Well I’m here to tell you it doesn’t – you just have to know about THE easyDATE!

All the complications stem from one word – Continue reading