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Dear David and Scooter Luggage Video

Micro Airpot Shoot 125

At work, we got an email from David, asking about the Coolest Toys On Earth showroom on the outskirts of Cincinnati, OH. He asked the following:

“We are coming to your location soon. I would like some info on the area. Like good restaurants and other things to see in your area while we are there. Coming in from Akron, Ohio. Any help would be of great help. Thank you. David Jones”

When I responded, however, my email bounced. Argh! So, wherever you are David, here is my solution to this puzzle: post my reply to the interwebs hoping that eventually you will google (i.e. vanity search) your name, and find it. Here was my response that I tried to send your way:

Good morning to you David! We’d be happy to give you a few pointers and recommendations [about the Milford and Cincinnati area].

Our toy store is definitely an attraction: we get people from Indiana, all over Ohio, and Kentucky to come in, especially during December – we’ve even hired bouncers in years past because we get so packed. Here is a teaser video:

One of the coolest toys we just got in is Scooter Luggage 2.0 (a must see video). It’s carry-on luggage that fits fine in the overhead bins, that folds out into a scooter for the terminal. It is super cool!

When it comes to food, one of Cincinnati’s favorite

Celebrating the New

flower bouquet

A perfect way to celebrate a big accomplishment at work was partake of this awesome fruit bouquet. Pineapple flower anyone? Sweetness … literally.

I am pretty pumped about finally launching the new website I have worked on since I started my new job last summer. Eight months later, I can say, we have reached a major milestone – through all the craziness that it is to redesign and manage a reboot of Coolest Toys on Earth’s visual identity, we have a new look and feel for cool toys! A chocolate covered strawberry was perfect to enjoy this moment.

Part of what I am really excited about is some of the really cool videos that are part of the new website, like this one showing a really cool toy called Continue reading

Video: A Peak Inside Coolest Toys On Earth

Store front

With all the wind-spinners, it is hard to miss the store – but it is no wonder that people mistake it as ‘just’ a kite store. If they only knew …

So I have an interesting puzzle to solve: how do I get the ‘uninitiated’ to actually take the first step into the toy store that I work at? Almost everyone locally knows where it is. Thousands of people have driven by it. But most people think it is just a kite store. What if we tickled their curiosity with an epically fun peak inside? And what if those that have fallen in love with the store actually shared this video with all of their friends and family around Thanksgiving dinner? Watch below!

I believe once you walk through those doors, the rest will take care of itself.

One visit and either you will love it and be back for more or you’ll get all  Continue reading

I Got to Drive a Tesla Roadster: Their EV Marketing is Spot On

Driving the Tesla Roadster is like being strapped to a rocket. Pure awesomeness. I am in one of the ‘Coolest Toys on Earth’.

Who, in their right mind, would turn down an offer for driving a Tesla Roadster? Who would not want to own this all-electric sports car if they could afford it? The answer: everyone I know – especially those EVangelists at Plugin 2012. I unfortunately can’t say the same thing about the Volt, LEAF, Focus Electric, and the handful of other models of electric vehicles out there. You know why – Tesla made a car that was worth something to the higher class folk, which then created desire in everyone else. All the other AutoOEM’s missed the mark, unfortunately, and are fighting an uphill battle – but in the next three years will finally ‘get it’.

I have heard and seen Volt and LEAF owners get crazy frustrated with people who ask the simple questions about their cars – how much was it, how much range do you get, can you take it on trips? Then with very little thought, these inquisitive people say something like, “Well I could buy a $23K Prius for that and do everything else that limits you. Why did you buy that?” Talk about an irate EV owner – yikes!

Have you ever compared a Porsche 911 to a Prius?

Have you ever asked why the owner of a Maserati bought one, and not a simple Dodge Neon (if they still sold them)?

The funny thing about electric vehicles is that Continue reading

Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben Was Right

Made from a wrist watch and radioactive spider juice, Peter Parker ‘responsibly’ figures out how to make a web shooter.

Mechanized web-shooters have returned in the new Amazing Spider-Man movie, and tells us fans, without saying it directly multiple times, that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Uncle Ben, as seen in his very in-depth Wikipedia article, is usually the character that this line is attributed to. But this proverb struck a chord again with me as we lead into the July 4th national holiday and the end of my first day at my new job.

The Amazing Spider-Man was a good movie tonight to see with my friend Clint – especially since Continue reading

The “Coolest Job On Earth” and a Video

See below for the video explanation of my latest ‘toy’ in my own office.

Watch out Cincinnati, here I come! I am very excited to formally share that I have accepted my new job as Business Development Manager starting in July. I am very sorry to say goodbye to my good friends at Eaton Corporation, but I have looked for the next step in my career and life now for a couple of years – so this works out really nicely. On describing the name of the new company, which just happens to be “Coolest Toys on Earth”, one of my work associates in Asheville said, “Jason, that sounds like it may be the Coolest Job on Earth.” I think my friend Eddie may be on to something.

“So what will you be doing?” is the question I get asked a lot. Well, I can tell you Continue reading