Picture of JasonWelcome! The intent of this page is to present links and work products of a broad sampling of my past career and personal experiences. Please feel free to contact me through email or call me direct at 865.924.2330.

Resume – Download Jason Nitzberg – Software – Resume.

LinkedIn Profile – found here.

Software / Hardware – Computer Engineer honors graduate, with focus on embedded and system programming (C and VHDL) at the College of Engineering at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Research and design with fast prototyping at Eaton, creating proof-of-concept products in the lighting control (Zigbee 802.15.4 radios using C and C++), marketing automation (using Cocoa/, and renewable energy fields. Software engineer at Lexmark, maintaining firmware engineer’s debug tool (Visual Basic), debug log file management (BASH scripting on Linux), and documentation on each of these tools for replacement engineer. Web development at Coolest Toys, creating specification documents for user experience (UX), look/feel (UI), and testing/validation.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Hardware and software architect behind the internal specification, interactions, and user interface of Eaton’s charging station for the emerging market of electric vehicles. My team and I originally pitched this as an extension of existing products and a way to also get the upstream electrical distribution business, and it turned into a NPD (New Product Development) project because of several of the tight electrical safety specifications. Also worked with the mechanical design, marketing, training, and sales of both the public and home units. Also designed the EV Simulator box and was key in the training of the Eaton Certified Contractor Network on EVs. Lead inventor of US Patent 8768563 and co-inventor of several pending patents. (Product Family Brochure, Join the EV Revolution Brochure)

EPRI’s SMART Solar/EV/Battery Station – Eaton project lead on the original white paper design and calculations for a recharging station with solar canopy and battery backup. Later, helped down-size the station and transferred the project to Eaton’s Major Projects team for complete design/build at the EPRI Knoxville facility. (EPRI base design reportEaton press release, and GreenCarCongress article)

eCommerce – Revamped CoolestToys.com using two outside development companies. Transitioned the shopping cart and hosting to the Magento eCommerce platform from a small, private, one-size-supposedly-fits-all cart platform. Specified the new functional requirements, user experience (UX), creating shipping and credit card settling processes, and worked with the developers through many, many debug sheets from testing scenarios. The site was redesigned twice – the first time using the design theme of Northface.com and the second time taking on more of the design philosophy behind WilliamsSonoma.com. Also managed employees on bulk importing of products, a very painstaking but important step. (Original Website Layout Details for CoolestToys.com,  Latest layout mockup PSD with layers showing different user events in a product detail page – drop ‘.jpg’ in the filename to open in Photoshop, and a blog post about new web design)

Writing – Throughout school and in my career I have always been the go-to writer because it seemed few others possessed a passion for that final presentation or whitepaper.  (Whitepaper on cord-and-plug connected EVSE, Op-Ed on how EV’s will teach us, Hilarious Best of Craigslist ad for selling my van, Concept script for a pre-teen summer camp video, Suggested revision of a religious study guide)

Videography – Directed, wrote, hosted, edited, and assisted in many video presentations for inside education, outside customers, and just for fun. In the details section of each link is the video’s background and my contribution and involvement.

Video: Educational – How Do Arc Fault Circuit Breakers Work?

Video: Explainer – What is CoolestToys.com?

Video: News Podcasts – Higher Education’s Campus and Electrical System

Video: Recipe/Cooking – Unleavened Cottage Cheese Crescents

Video: Tribute/Family – Uncle Gerald’s Train Ride

Video: Promotion – Camp Tomahawk, Summer Pre-teen Program

Video: Montage – Camp Tomahawk, Last Day Review

Web Development – Experience with managing web projects along with leading a team of content makers, developers, and graphic designers – or doing it all myself. (Launch of CoolestToys.com guy-focused gift registry, Full Ambassador Bible Center website design, Example of web work at Eaton)

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