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One Way to Create ‘Viralness’: Add A Snuggie to Beyonce

This guy rocks – he took Beyonce’s Countdown song and because he matched it frame and frame, color for color, move for move, he made it super cool – and he did it in style – with a SNUGGIE! How do you make a viral video: do a superb copy-cat job and even the original singer will brag about you on her own website.

Ton Do-Nguyen is a six-teen year old that obviously kicks butt at video editing and an eye for matching the style, mood, and choreography. And what can I say about about his civic career: like me,  he was Junior Class President of his highschool. JCP’s of the world unite!

He practiced and practiced – shot and reshot. It took months according to interviews. Go Ton – you rock my friend – and showed the world this is one way to solve the puzzle of ‘how to make a viral video’.

Disclaimer: I am not a super fan of Beyonce, nor this video for the ‘appropriateness’ of some of the so-called ‘moves’, but I find the uniqueness of the copying style very cool – which highlight how silly some of the moves are which therefore causes it to be worth a share.