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iVan – A magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price

Have you heard of my Craigslist success story? Let me tell you a little about it – who knows, maybe life has been kinda rough lately – and you needed something ridiculous to boost the old spirits.

Intently focused on pondering how to market and sell iVan. The 'classically aged special tint' windows are viewable in the background.

The below advertisement appeared on my local Craigslist to sell my, how should I say this nicely, ummm …. ‘lovingly used’ van. I just happened to be walking by the technology section of Walmart, and saw on the end cap, a big display for iPad. I was amazed to see such a product in Walmart – so I said to myself, “Self, if Apple has allowed it’s beautiful newborn into the likes of Walmart, then why not use their tag line and allow their ability to focus on the good and make not-so-great things sound okay bleed into a similar ad for your van?” I wanted little hassle on the transaction, make it colorful, and maybe even make it onto ‘the best of Craigslist’.

… and that, kids, is how iVan was born. (and sold in 2.5 days with no hassle) Continue reading