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Video: A Peak Inside Coolest Toys On Earth

Store front

With all the wind-spinners, it is hard to miss the store – but it is no wonder that people mistake it as ‘just’ a kite store. If they only knew …

So I have an interesting puzzle to solve: how do I get the ‘uninitiated’ to actually take the first step into the toy store that I work at? Almost everyone locally knows where it is. Thousands of people have driven by it. But most people think it is just a kite store. What if we tickled their curiosity with an epically fun peak inside? And what if those that have fallen in love with the store actually shared this video with all of their friends and family around Thanksgiving dinner? Watch below!

I believe once you walk through those doors, the rest will take care of itself.

One visit and either you will love it and be back for more or you’ll get all  Continue reading


Brotherhood of the Traveling Sunglasses

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The ‘How to Prep Your Breakfast When Your U-Haul is Still Packed’ Puzzle

Yes, the picture is blurry. Yes, I am sitting on a Queen Size Mattress with the roof 1″ from my head. Yes, that is a toaster oven I just climbed over everything I own to get to it in the U-Haul …

Okay – so call me crazy, deranged, whatever; at least I knew that in the morning I was  really wanting to have a nice, warm and toasted McDonald’s Southern-Style Chicken Biscuit when I woke up in my new apartment. But since I already purchased several for my family which had already eaten this morning when they showed up to help me load the U-Haul, I felt obligated to eat those before I bought any more. Yes, I could have just gone to McD’s tomorrow – but this was a puzzle that I had just enough energy and ridiculousness to solve tonight.

Puzzle Objective: I will want a chicken biscuit in the morning.

State of Puzzle: I have four uneaten sitting in the frig now. Everything took too long today, and I didn’t sign my lease until 9:45pm. The U-Haul truck is still packed. I am sleepy. I am slightly frustrated that Continue reading