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The ‘How to Prep Your Breakfast When Your U-Haul is Still Packed’ Puzzle

Yes, the picture is blurry. Yes, I am sitting on a Queen Size Mattress with the roof 1″ from my head. Yes, that is a toaster oven I just climbed over everything I own to get to it in the U-Haul …

Okay – so call me crazy, deranged, whatever; at least I knew that in the morning I was ¬†really wanting to have a nice, warm and toasted McDonald’s Southern-Style Chicken Biscuit when I woke up in my new apartment. But since I already purchased several for my family which had already eaten this morning when they showed up to help me load the U-Haul, I felt obligated to eat those before I bought any more. Yes, I could have just gone to McD’s tomorrow – but this was a puzzle that I had just enough energy and ridiculousness to solve tonight.

Puzzle Objective: I will want a chicken biscuit in the morning.

State of Puzzle: I have four uneaten sitting in the frig now. Everything took too long today, and I didn’t sign my lease until 9:45pm. The U-Haul truck is still packed. I am sleepy. I am slightly frustrated that Continue reading