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“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is definitely more than that.” _VideoZee

Explainer Video for New

We at Coolest Toys were launching a new concept website, connected to our sister toy companies, where we as a company were helping the world find the coolest toys on earth, whether you could buy them from us or not. We needed to explain what the problem was that this new site was fixing and a very simple ‘how to use’. During development, I described the new site as a Pinterest for toys used by college age guys – effectively making it an awesome gift registry, but without the associated feminine connotations.

Producer, Script, Voice Over: Jason Nitzberg
Motion Graphics, Editing, Music: Porter Productions, LLC

Uncle Gerald’s Train Ride

If you’ve ever met my Uncle Gerald, then you’ve likely been given an education on Massey Ferguson tractors, East Tennessee history, classic cars, and his beloved trains. Though he is mentally handicapped, the man has a memory and a knowledge for old cars that is out of this world – he once heard an old car crank up as we are in the grocery store parking lot and without seeing, knew the make and what year it was manufactured in the 50’s – oh, and that it had the square headlights, not the round ones. For years, he rented the caboose ‘Desire’ of the Knoxville Railroad Company for a summer trip for the whole extended family – and I documented it for a birthday present. Along with 100+ other professional train videos he has bought over the years, this little homemade video has become a favorite of his to show off to visitors at his house.

Editing, Music: Jason Nitzberg with Final Cut Pro & Digital Juice
Camera: Jason Nitzberg with Canon HV30 in 1080p 25fps

Product Videos For Coolest Toys

Pictures can show off a bit about a toy, but many need motion in order to understand why they are so cool. For the web store and associated marketing efforts, we needed a collection of cool videos of toys that the store sells. Taking video mostly from manufacturers, I chose to brand the videos using a custom bumper, lower third, and thumbnail. For videos that were not 16:9 natively, I chose to use the same effect as most TV news stations were using to ‘extend’ the 4:3 or 2.75:1 to the proper dimensions.  Still others, to make more personal, were redubbed or shot from scratch.

Library of Videos On Youtube Link.
What a product video looks like on

Editing, Music: Jason Nitzberg with Adobe Premier & Royalty Free Music & FX
Content: Mostly manufacturer content, in varying formats and aspect ratios.

Editing, Music: Jason Nitzberg with Adobe Premier & Royalty Free Music
Camera: Elliot Werner using his Jetpack helmet camera, a GoPro Hero 2.

Smart Home Concept Videos

Working in one of Eaton’s Research & Design teams was extremely challenging – especially when we had to figure out how to communicate how the nascent technology or industry could affect people’s lives for the good. We had one such opportunity in the early days of what is now called the ‘Smart Home’ movement. These were five video ‘vignettes’ to be shown semi-secretly to industry insiders at a trade show one-on-one. I was the only one in the office this day, and got the instruction to make the videos the day before they were needed in Las Vegas – so I pulled an ‘all-nighter’. I used the 20’x20′ studio (with lights, light grid, green screen, etc) that we had built several years earlier and a sheet-rocked wall on caster wheels where I mounted the equipment in a separate installation video. Interesting fact: in order to get the couch and me to the proper camera level, the couch and I are floated on cement blocks.

Camera: Jason Nitzberg with Canon XH-A1 in 1080p 60fps
Editing, Music: Jason Nitzberg with Final Cut Pro & Digital Juice

Unleavened Bread Recipe For

I was approached by my church’s staff to see if I would be interested in helping promote a new recipe website. At the same time, I had just gotten some new grips and gear to prop, suction-cup, and attach my iPhone 4S in all kinds of weird positions. I am also a huge fan of Alton Brown, the Food Network cooking star of Good Eats, a TV show that employed weird and unique camera angles. So I decided to make a timely recipe, use my gear, and test out a new shooting technique. With this, I also employed a new piece of equipment, the Zoom H1 sound recorder since the iPhone’s sound recording was sub-par. After 9 hours of shooting and 9 hours of editing where I used clapping to match up the separately recorded sound and video, the recipe was ready for prime time. Many families have appreciated it as much as I appreciate my mother making it every year for the Unleavened Bread festival.

Editing, Music: Jason Nitzberg with Adobe Premier & Digital Juice
Camera and Sound:
Jason Nitzberg with iPhone 4S in 1080p 30fps, Zoom H1 in 48hz 128bit.

SUMMER CAMP Promo and Wrapup

I have been called a ‘kid whisperer’ because of my ability to get a small group of kids to listen to my crazy questions and stories. I probably learned this skill through the joys and aches of working with preteen age kids (5-12) every summer since 2008. Several years, I served as the videographer – and created a few videos either to promote, describe, or wrap-up camp.

Camera: Jason Nitzberg with Canon HV30 in 1080p 30fps
Editing, Music: Jason Nitzberg with Final Cut Pro & Digital Juice

Camera: Jason Nitzberg with Canon HV30 in 1080p 25fps, FishEye lens
Editing: Jason Nitzberg with Final Cut Pro
Digital Juice and Josh Wilson (Contacted professional artist’s producer, received written permission to use copy written music)

Latest video editing resume downloaded here.

I have done many other pieces of video work, namely educational videos, explainer videos, a wedding video, celebration of life, and silly videos. If you need more information, please free to contact me.



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