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“So it seems like that internet thing is here to stay.” Chandler (Friends)

Launched Node.js Based CoolestToys.com

Based in Node (Javascript) and using Angular and Bootstrap with a Mongoose database, the new custom-built CoolestToys.com is a fully responsive web app. You can think of it as a gift-registry for guys because toys from several sister toy companies can be ‘scraped’ much like how Pinterest works to create your own list of what you’d really want as a gift (and not some stupid sweater!). The main thrust is to get the user’s to share their list and then find someone to buy the item (or something on the same site). Coolest Toys gets paid through a very small ‘referral credit’. On the backend, it tracks a host of custom analytics and changes all URL’s to become what is known as affiliate links. 2000+ entries from admins and users, 530+ are featured on the home page.

Initial Concept, Design, Specification, and Testing/Validation: Jason Nitzberg
Maintenance Developer: Jason Nitzberg (Javascript, HTML, CSS)
Original Developer: Boost Alpha, Chicago/NYC
Content Manager: Jason Nitzberg (Custom backend CMS)

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Full Design, Content, and Code for College website

After chosen to be head of the Web Committee while attending the Ambassador Bible College, found that the institution did not have a dedicated website and a mixed bag of prior class year’s progress. The main reason that a dedicated college website was a ‘back burner’ project by the sponsoring church’s web admin was because of so many other priorities and so much ‘content to gather and design work needed’. Our committee decided the only way to get content and designs to live-on would be for it to be properly sponsored by the organization, not just a one-off website. We decided as a committee to solve the last two problems: design and content so that at least that roadblock was lifted. The final 67 page plan, with content (copy for every page, interviews, class descriptions), designs, suggested code, media, and the administration’s approval was given to the web admin in a 3-ring binder, printed in full color, with all content digitally organized on CD.

Content Manager: Jason Nitzberg
Designer, Architect, Programmer, Writer: Jason Nitzberg (HTML, CSS, SSI)
Assistant: Dana Zannetti (Moss)

ABC Design and Content Screenshow shadow

CoolestToysOnEarth.com Webstore Transformation

The eCommerce presence of CoolestToysOnEarth.com looked and acted dated. Transferred 5000+ SKU’s with descriptions, media, pricing, and categories to the new open-source cart Magento, giving it a facelift inspired by TheNorthFace.com. In between busy retail winter seasons, redesigned the site (Phase 2) especially focusing on the menu system and the product detail pages to be cleaner and classier, inspired by WilliamsSonoma.com.

Project Manager, Design, Test: Jason Nitzberg
Developer for Phase 1: Round Pixel, Cincinnati
Developer for Phase 2: Boost Alpha, Chicago/NYC
Content Manager: Jason Nitzberg

CoolestToysOnEarth.com eCommerce Magento Screenshot shadow

PDF Merging Management Site

Pre 2013, each church camp director modified their paper camp application themselves, usually having a minimum of 4 separate documents (camper app, staff app, health form, staff supplement, etc) users had to download on 4 separate pages within their respective camp websites. As a church volunteer, specifically focused on preteen summer camps, I combined all the many paper application forms into one universal, digitally fillable PDF, cutting processing time for both users and directors down 300+%. In the spring, as camp applications were about to be advertised, the respective information sheets or main forms would need to be updated, generally last minute. Each separate Word or PDF document was manually merged by me going into the church office on the one computer that had Adobe Acrobat, sometimes requiring that one edit cause the need for every document, for every camp needing to be re-merged all over again. After discussing the bottlenecks and frustration with the church’s IT staff, their employee Paul Wasilkoff agreed to create a programmable pdf merger built on their server, so it could be done from anywhere extremely fast and reliably.

Specification, Content, and Main User: Jason Nitzberg
Developer: Paul Wasilkoff, UCG/UYC Staff

UYC Preteen PDF Mash Merge Screenshot shadow

Summary of Web Work at Eaton

Description of several web projects, from hacking the corporate Stellent CMS, to making interactive flash houses ‘come alive’.

Developer: Jason Nitzberg (HTML, Javascript, ActionScript)
Team: Generally 1-2 Other Engineers/Producers

Web work at Eaton Screenshot shandow

Current web developer resume downloaded here.

Current web content manager resume downloaded here.

If you have any questions for feedback, free free to contact me.

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